Take a walk on the wild side




(erotic literary feminist fiction... erotic memoir... not steamy romance or mainstream erotica, okay?)

He had his rules, but when he met her, the game changed for good…

Tatar has over 3,000 notches in his bedpost. He’s a loud-mouthed, power-hungry, strong-willed alpha with a sadist streak women can’t resist. But when his next conquest burrows her way into his heart, he’s playing a whole new game…

Carmina is bored in her dull marriage. Then she meets Tatar. He fascinates and disgusts her. Does she really want to submit to him?

Sparks fly between the two, locked in a world of erotic-psychological adventure, domination and taboo. Only time will tell if their relationship can survive both bruises on soul… and body.

‘Primal, deep, complex, secretive, honest, spacious. Grabs you.’ (Robert Hall)

‘Left me shaken. Perfect cubist characterizations, full of violence and scorn, yet emotional and sensitive. Never read anything like it before. Ever. Mind-blowing!’ (Purple Starsky)

‘Slips and slides on the border of the obscene yet remains ultimately sublime.’ (amazon review)

Verses Nature Vol.1 is a gripping erotic thriller charting the biography of passion between Carmina and Tatar, two fearless alphas who have no need for safe words. If you like raw narration, explosive love scenes, and gripping poetic expression, then you’ll love Joan Barbara Simon’s mind-bending series.

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Verses Nature is as explosive as it gets. The weak-nerved stand back! The self-repressed, stand back! We are all beasts and we all have triggers, just need to cross the right or wrong people to lose grip of ourselves or discover what we’re really made of.’ (L. Gentile)


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He sniffed out all her triggers and pressed them. Hard.  She was ready for change, but was she ready for this?

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Literary Fiction, African American, Psychological