MUT@TUS (She’s Gotta Have It):
Remove the labels and gently surprise

MUT@TUS  (erotic literary fiction)

A keystroke. A click. Is the grass greener on the cyber side?

When Virginia Mendes casts off marital blisters for the titillating delights of anonymous online sex, she discovers more than she bargains for. Will she understand the visceral mystery of her sexuality once she takes it… offline?

This dazzling, ingenious romance set in the 90s is for people like Virginia: people who dare. If you like true-to-life erotica, hauntingly brilliant social commentary and provocative female leads, then you’ll love this groundbreaking novel.

A maelstrom of tantalizing questions allied with online sex, suspense, psychological depth and hard-core humour.

‘I don’t know what tablets you’re taking, but do, please, keep taking them. They seem to be working wonders. If you can get them on the NHS, please let me know.’  (YouWriteOn)

‘...pushes the boundaries of women’s literary fiction to its limits – a D.H. Lawrence type moment (...) I can’t say enough good things about this novel. This is a haunting work which will stay in my head for a long time.’  (YouWriteOn)


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‘Quite simply one of the most extraordinary and brilliant books I have ever read. Dark, disturbing, and forensically brilliant at dissecting twenty-first century sexuality. Rich, honeyed, sinister. Complex, insightful & utterly visceral. It has everything Anais Nin and Bret Easton Ellis have, wrapped up in the same incredible package.’  (Amazon)

Special (ebook) edition includes bonus material.